05 AM | 12 Jun


I just keep moving on, I do…   Onward, ever onward!  Killing a BUNCH of mailing lists I’ve let myself get subscribed to in the last year.  (Unsubscribing, not really killing….)   It’s kind of nice, though – my email load has gotten way way smaller.   Focusing now on the one company that I’ve joined, and making some progress.  Last week I had my first two meetings with my new traffic coach, and I should start to see some income fairly quickly…  (ever and always the optimist!).

I have spent the money to be completely positioned (Titanium and Platinum).  So when I do start making money, it should hopefully be significant.  My sweet daughter thinks I’m totally nuts, but I’m hoping (optimistically hoping!) that I can prove her wrong…   Onward, ever onward…


I am feeling positive, and completely self-assured about this effort.  Just a little bit nuts, perhaps, but I’m OK with that…

06 PM | 18 Feb


Well I finally got an interview, and didn’t do well at all.  Too many questions went back too many years, so my answers were not 100%…   Then, waiting to hear results, I got asked to come in for a presentation.  They wanted me to give a short presentation on a recent programming effort, along with documentation thereof.

I understood this position to be responsible for server management, so I was a bit confused to hear about a programming presentation.   It has been close to 15 years since I did any mainframe programming at WSU, and I certainly don’t have any related documentation.

So I emailed WSU a friendly “no thank you” and left it at that.  I truly hope they are happy with the other candidate they talked with.

I was at least partly relieved at this conclusion.  My life is quite full being a web consultant, and I don’t feel at all bad not going back to work at WSU.  No worries, mate.  Oh well…

07 AM | 19 Dec


Argh and gnash…  Well, it seems that there was just me and one other entry.  So WSU HRS, in their infinite wisdom, decided that we needed more competition, and told John they were going to leave the job open through the month of December.  So now our close date is January 4, 2015.

Based on what little I’ve heard, though, I understand that even if we still have just two entries at that point, we can move ahead regardless.  Ah bureaucracy – hurry up and wait, they say…

Strangely enough, I find myself trying hard to see the positive side of this situation.  For starters, it’s probably a good thing that at this ripe old age I still have room to grow my patience.  And for another, it’s likely easier to wait to change my income in the new year.  May have been a little complicated to explain a week’s worth of WSU income to the IRS…

So waiting a few more weeks is a good thing, right?  Right!


06 PM | 05 Dec


Well they posted it.  Finally.  Last day online will be Sunday 12/7.  I turned in my application Wednesday, so all I can do now is wait patiently.  Me patient, right……

The best news is that I found a copy on my hard drive of my WSU resume from 2009.   I was good about keeping that resume current, so it goes back to my first day in January of 1987.  I would have been hard-pressed to pull all of those historical details up from the bottom of my memory…

I had to fill in an online application form, attach a copy of my resume, and a copy of my cover letter.  I probably sweat the cover letter more than anything else.  Had to pretty much write that from scratch.

So I’ve done what I can do.  I gave it my best shot.  Now I just have to wait to find out how many competitors I’m up against.  Wish me luck, k?

11 AM | 14 Nov


Not sure what I said, but I apparently gave people the wrong impression.

They seem to think I’m already working at WSU.  (I’m not!)  I just heard this morning that the job will be posted either today or Monday.  So that means the posting will be active for two weeks, then interviews begin.  And I still need to convince them that they want to hire me.

I’ve had some dreams about this the last few weeks.  14 or 15 of my 26 years at WSU were doing exactly the same kind of work that I’m trying to be hired for.  It was a few years back, though.  My dreams have been about not being able to answer the right questions when I interview…   Realistically, I know it’s the riding a bike scenario.  It will come back to me, I’m sure.  Question is can I pass the interview process…

I guess I should forgive myself the worry…   Been almost 28 years since I interviewed for a new job…  I want to work, I’ve done the right kind of work for several years, what’s the point in worrying about it…

Well give me a few weeks and I’ll let you know what happens.  No worries, no worries….