03 AM | 10 Sep

Bo Ossinger

Bo Ossinger

The short version:

Born in Seattle in 1951, moved to Port Angeles in 1971.  Played rock and roll for 15 years, but in 1987 I decided to get a real job.  Moved to Pullman and went to work for the Information Technology department at Washington State University.  In 2001, I moved to Palouse and started Netpalouse Web Services.  I retired from WSU in May of 2013, but I’m still living in Palouse.

These days I’m the owner and the only employee of Netpalouse Web Services, LLC.  Also web designer, programmer, graphic artist, content dude, editor in chief, systems administrator, hardware support, network engineer, bookkeeper, receptionist, cook, bottle washer, part-time janitor and weekend blogger.  I’ve also set up a new business named Netpalouse, Inc.  That one’s aimed at my MOBE efforts.  Keeps me busy, keeps me happy.  Always happiest when I’m busy, I am…

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Bo Ossinger

Netpalouse Web Services PO Box 284 Palouse, WA  99161

ossinger@netpalouse.com www.netpalouse.com