05 AM | 12 Jun


I just keep moving on, I do…   Onward, ever onward!  Killing a BUNCH of mailing lists I’ve let myself get subscribed to in the last year.  (Unsubscribing, not really killing….)   It’s kind of nice, though – my email load has gotten way way smaller.   Focusing now on the one company that I’ve joined, and making some progress.  Last week I had my first two meetings with my new traffic coach, and I should start to see some income fairly quickly…  (ever and always the optimist!).

I have spent the money to be completely positioned (Titanium and Platinum).  So when I do start making money, it should hopefully be significant.  My sweet daughter thinks I’m totally nuts, but I’m hoping (optimistically hoping!) that I can prove her wrong…   Onward, ever onward…


I am feeling positive, and completely self-assured about this effort.  Just a little bit nuts, perhaps, but I’m OK with that…

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