08 AM | 22 Jan


I was re-reading some training from 1WD.tv this week, and came across a discussion of identity.    They talked about how important is can be for a web consultant freelancer to have a readily identifiable identity on the web.

They discussed having a meme (rhymes with dream) that captures my personality and is memorable and lasting.  Hopefully most of you have seen my website, and I decided that the owls on there were significant.  So…


Ran it by my children first, and they both said (immediately) “It’s you!”.  So it is.  Replaced my Gravatar with it, so it shows up on most websites I log in to.  Now all I need is a memorable name to go with it…

This blog has been running for over 6 years now, so “Eldergeek” seemed like an appropriate name.  Now all I need is time.  If I associate this image with every account I sign up for, then eventually people will see it and think “web consultant”.  Yup, yup, definitely me…


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