07 AM | 19 Dec


Argh and gnash…  Well, it seems that there was just me and one other entry.  So WSU HRS, in their infinite wisdom, decided that we needed more competition, and told John they were going to leave the job open through the month of December.  So now our close date is January 4, 2015.

Based on what little I’ve heard, though, I understand that even if we still have just two entries at that point, we can move ahead regardless.  Ah bureaucracy – hurry up and wait, they say…

Strangely enough, I find myself trying hard to see the positive side of this situation.  For starters, it’s probably a good thing that at this ripe old age I still have room to grow my patience.  And for another, it’s likely easier to wait to change my income in the new year.  May have been a little complicated to explain a week’s worth of WSU income to the IRS…

So waiting a few more weeks is a good thing, right?  Right!


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