06 PM | 05 Dec


Well they posted it.  Finally.  Last day online will be Sunday 12/7.  I turned in my application Wednesday, so all I can do now is wait patiently.  Me patient, right……

The best news is that I found a copy on my hard drive of my WSU resume from 2009.   I was good about keeping that resume current, so it goes back to my first day in January of 1987.  I would have been hard-pressed to pull all of those historical details up from the bottom of my memory…

I had to fill in an online application form, attach a copy of my resume, and a copy of my cover letter.  I probably sweat the cover letter more than anything else.  Had to pretty much write that from scratch.

So I’ve done what I can do.  I gave it my best shot.  Now I just have to wait to find out how many competitors I’m up against.  Wish me luck, k?

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