11 AM | 14 Nov


Not sure what I said, but I apparently gave people the wrong impression.

They seem to think I’m already working at WSU.  (I’m not!)  I just heard this morning that the job will be posted either today or Monday.  So that means the posting will be active for two weeks, then interviews begin.  And I still need to convince them that they want to hire me.

I’ve had some dreams about this the last few weeks.  14 or 15 of my 26 years at WSU were doing exactly the same kind of work that I’m trying to be hired for.  It was a few years back, though.  My dreams have been about not being able to answer the right questions when I interview…   Realistically, I know it’s the riding a bike scenario.  It will come back to me, I’m sure.  Question is can I pass the interview process…

I guess I should forgive myself the worry…   Been almost 28 years since I interviewed for a new job…  I want to work, I’ve done the right kind of work for several years, what’s the point in worrying about it…

Well give me a few weeks and I’ll let you know what happens.  No worries, no worries….

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