07 PM | 24 Oct


“Stuff” is about as vague as I can get, so Stuff it is.  This will be a fairly vague post to update you on various stuff in my life.


Still waiting to hear back from WSU on the job they plan on posting.  I want to do that, so fingers crossed…


I don’t think I’ve discussed this here, but I’ve bought a cheap VOIP system to give me a dedicated phone number for Netpalouse.  I have the Ooma console, and it’s registered, and I have an 878 phone number reserved (but not published yet), so I’m all ready to go.  What I still need is the battery pack replacement for my old land line Sony phone system.  That’s supposed to arrive Monday, and after that’s hooked up, I’ll publish my new phone number (I think it’s 509-878-7188)


This will help a lot if I get that job at WSU.  No Netpalouse phone calls interrupting me there, and voice mail waiting for me when I get home.  I’ve lived with just one phone for too long now…


The last stuff I need to tell you about relates to my Newsletter.  Forever I have asked folks to email me ideas for future Newsletters.  Well, I FINALLY GOT ONE!

One of my very best customers raised a really good question.    They want me to address “the issue of having one’s photo posted on their website”.  It’s not an easy question, and I need to give it some serious thought before I publish an answer.  Coming soon to a Newsletter near you…

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