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Yeah, it’s me…

You know me.  Forever mucking about with my environment.  Decided to try a new format for Eldergeek, and I can’t really decide if I like it.  Or not.  Definitely a LOT newer than the old template I’ve run here forever.  I don’t believe in online surveys, so I’ll just take a voice count.  Let me know if you like it.  Let me know if you don’t.  You can email me here to tell me what you think…

The blog layout is about the same as it used to be.  I think maybe my biggest question has to do with the white print on black background.  Haven’t found a way yet to change that, but I may keep looking…

Video Membership, Alas…

If you read last month’s entry, you saw that I was looking into some video membership WordPress-based software.  The kit I bought from 1WD.tv actually installed pretty easily.   (You can see it at http://members.netpalouse.com  “Sign up for a little bit of geek”)


But I hit the wall when it became time to make an online video.  I know what I look like (old and geekish) so I even set it up so I could just do voice-over for some online training.   I even wrote down a general script to follow, but I STILL couldn’t do it.  I must have started and restarted the danged voice-over 50 different times, and chickened out every time…  Could barely get past “Hello!”…

I thought my voice would be okay, but now I’m not so sure…   It’s not like I was expecting anyone to actually pay me for the privilege of listening to my dulcet tones.  I just wanted to come up with a few demo tapes that I could use to show people how the software would function.  I was simply not prepared for the depth of my own insecurity…

So I will start back at Hello!, and I will keep at it until I trudge my way through a few minutes of embarrassment.  I’m usually begging for your comments, but this time I think I’ll ask you to keep them to yourselves.  Thanks!

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  • Lavon

    Hey. So a childhood friend asked me to record the narrative for a video he put together. I procrastinated for over a year – not so much because of my voice but being unsure of the technology to do it. Of course, once I found some headphones with a microphone, it wasn’t hard at all. I really don’t like the way my voice sounds on a recording, but not much I can do about it. Anyway, don’t know if this will help or hinder what you’re trying to do. You can view the recording at

    By the way, none of the fields on this form have an * by them even though they’re required.

    ↶Reply September 11, 2014 9:27 am
    • Bo Ossinger

      I have the technology. I even know how to use it. So… you’re telling me I have a year to think about this?

      ↶Reply September 11, 2014 9:41 am