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My last Newsletter talked about how much I rely on lists to keep my life organized.

One list I failed to mention contains software renewals that are due once a year.  I have several subscriptions that I keep active because I use the software regularly.  Not all of them, however.  I just dropped one last week that was first off very expensive, and second off was something that I had never used, not once.  It also ticked me off that they billed me for the renewal without ever sending me a notice that it was coming.  No compunction at all about dropping that one…

This morning, however, I got an email from another software company that said something like “hey, just so you know, your software subscription expires next week.  If you want to renew it, just do this….”  I use that software, and that’s a much nicer way to do business, so I renewed it immediately!

This company supports “Yuuguu” – an online web conferencing application.  I’ve only used it a few times in the past year, but I advertise the service, and it’s a feature that I want to make available to my customers.

yuuguuYuuguu lets me run demos, perform training, or do online support services.  I’ve only used the support service, as it makes it very easy to connect and share someone’s computer screen remotely.  I pay an annual fee to use the application, but it doesn’t cost a cent for my customers to accept a connection.  Free is good!  (Though you may get charged for some of my time…)

If you’re interested in learning more about this feature, just go to my Connections page and look in the middle for a box titled “I now offer Online Web Conferencing”.

I’m not really looking for more work (busy, busy) but I do like being able to offer my customers as many options as I can.  Even if I only use a piece of software a few times a year, it’s worth every penny I pay if it helps even one of my great customers.

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