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Decided it was time to remove my “5 Year Anniversary” picture.   I started this blog on the 4th of July, 2008.  That means it’s been active for over 6 years now…

I like to write.  I have always liked to write.  I have just a few friends and family and customers who read this blog regularly, and I do appreciate them for following me.  But mostly, I just write for myself.  That’s what got me started on this, and that’s what keeps me adding new posts once or even twice a month.

If there’s anything that makes me feel like a successful blogger, however, it’s the amount of spam I see.  Right now I have 155 comments in my spam queue.  That’s a new record.  Most of them (the ones in English anyhow) say nice things about my blog, but they’re still trying to sell me SEO services or such.  The fact that I’m on their radar at all, though, makes me feel like at least I’m getting read…

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I do see a lot online about blogging, and how I should be using it to promote my business, and how I should be making a good profit at it.  But I’m afraid I don’t really understand enough about promotion to take it in that direction.  Profitability aside, I think I would like to be able to use this to promote Netpalouse Web Services.  I just don’t know how.

As I said, I started this blog just writing for myself.  A garage blog, not intended for a larger audience.  If I could figure out how to promote it into something bigger, would I lose something in the process?  Would the fun of writing turn itself into a job?  Oh my, don’t know, don’t know…

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