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I know it’s the title, but I have to say it again:


I’m not sure why, but this morning for some reason I wanted to take a look at the shopping cart attached to my Netpalouse web site.  And it was all hosed up.  Everything was there, but it was all jumbled up.  I didn’t try to run a transaction through it, but I don’t think I could have.  It was a complete mess!

First thing I did was to upgrade the software – it was down just a few minor levels.  But that made no difference at all.  And then I realized that in the middle of March this year, I upgraded the hosting account on that server.  When I did that, I disconnected the SSL certificate (that makes the https:// tag work).  So my shopping cart has been broken for over 3 and a half months!!!  Argh!!!

I know I don’t have many customers that use that shopping cart, but I can’t believe that no one told me it was broken!  I do work hard to give my customers different options for paying me.  Most people just mail me a check (I love checks!), but I also include a few different links for online credit card payments.  And my shopping cart…

logoMy excuse (ALWAYS need an excuse) for leaving the cart in that shape is that I’ve been a little bit busy all year.  I mean, busy is a good thing.  But it makes for a lousy excuse!

The quick fix was to replace the https:// link with a regular http:// link. (Needless to say, that fixed my problem…)  Long term, I need to put the SSL certificate back in place for this web site and set that link again.  Really long term solution is to convince my wonderful customers to let me know when my stuff doesn’t work!

Here I advertise my business using the phrase “no broken links, no poorly edited pages, no sloppy presentations” – and look at what I do!  One final argh……..

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  • Marilyn Bafus

    Just means you are human, Bo:) Not to worry, we all still think you are the rock star of the web world!

    ↶Reply July 1, 2014 4:13 am
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