02 PM | 19 Oct


After reading about the latest WordPress brute force XML hack, I let myself get talked into upgrading my security plugin to PRO.  I only have about a half dozen WordPress websites, but I think it’s worth a few bucks to help keep them secure.


The upgrade will cover up to 10 websites, and I’m guessing that will let me stay current for another couple of years.

Security is one of those things that will probably pay for themselves on a website.   I’ve seen enough problems recently with my WordPress sites to warrant this upgrade.

Hope it works!


05 AM | 12 Jun


I just keep moving on, I do…   Onward, ever onward!  Killing a BUNCH of mailing lists I’ve let myself get subscribed to in the last year.  (Unsubscribing, not really killing….)   It’s kind of nice, though – my email load has gotten way way smaller.   Focusing now on the one company that I’ve joined, and making some progress.  Last week I had my first two meetings with my new traffic coach, and I should start to see some income fairly quickly…  (ever and always the optimist!).

I have spent the money to be completely positioned (Titanium and Platinum).  So when I do start making money, it should hopefully be significant.  My sweet daughter thinks I’m totally nuts, but I’m hoping (optimistically hoping!) that I can prove her wrong…   Onward, ever onward…


I am feeling positive, and completely self-assured about this effort.  Just a little bit nuts, perhaps, but I’m OK with that…

01 PM | 10 Apr


OK, so what’s next?

I’ve written off the job at WSU.  And I’m OK with that.   But I don’t seem to like sitting on my hands, so I had to find something new to throw myself into.  And I have.

Online marketing.  I found a company that feels right, and I’m expecting to make some real money with them.  Makes me wish I was in a more urban environment, but I think I can work my way through that.  (Yay, internet!)  The training and support they offer is second to none, and I sincerely hope that I can live up to their expectations.

Needless to say, I will keep you all informed of my progress.  Time will tell…


06 PM | 18 Feb


Well I finally got an interview, and didn’t do well at all.  Too many questions went back too many years, so my answers were not 100%…   Then, waiting to hear results, I got asked to come in for a presentation.  They wanted me to give a short presentation on a recent programming effort, along with documentation thereof.

I understood this position to be responsible for server management, so I was a bit confused to hear about a programming presentation.   It has been close to 15 years since I did any mainframe programming at WSU, and I certainly don’t have any related documentation.

So I emailed WSU a friendly “no thank you” and left it at that.  I truly hope they are happy with the other candidate they talked with.

I was at least partly relieved at this conclusion.  My life is quite full being a web consultant, and I don’t feel at all bad not going back to work at WSU.  No worries, mate.  Oh well…

08 AM | 22 Jan


I was re-reading some training from 1WD.tv this week, and came across a discussion of identity.    They talked about how important is can be for a web consultant freelancer to have a readily identifiable identity on the web.

They discussed having a meme (rhymes with dream) that captures my personality and is memorable and lasting.  Hopefully most of you have seen my website, and I decided that the owls on there were significant.  So…


Ran it by my children first, and they both said (immediately) “It’s you!”.  So it is.  Replaced my Gravatar with it, so it shows up on most websites I log in to.  Now all I need is a memorable name to go with it…

This blog has been running for over 6 years now, so “Eldergeek” seemed like an appropriate name.  Now all I need is time.  If I associate this image with every account I sign up for, then eventually people will see it and think “web consultant”.  Yup, yup, definitely me…